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Low G, High G, and Baritone


Master the fundamentals of posture, technique, theory, stand-alone fingerstyle arrangements, and advance to intermediate grade 5 level through a structured and graded repertoire curriculum

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  • One payment grants access to 15+ modules, 160+ lectures, 190+ downloads, 40 songs,15+ hours

  • For beginner to intermediate ukulele students Grade 1-5

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  • Works for Low G, High G, and Baritone Ukulele!


"As a novice ukulele player I watched a lot of videos on YT. Ukulele Fingerstyle Basics is without a doubt the best fingerpicking course I could find. Each lesson is clearly explained. The structure in the course is definitely a plus. I like the choice of music. I enjoy practicing and, thanks to the clear instructions, I notice great progress in playing. I'm glad I found UFB among the wide range of courses on offer" - Manuela - Ukulele Fingerstyle Basics Student

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Do you love the ukulele but can’t sing? Do you feel ‘stuck’ strumming chords? Do you practice yet feel no progress? And do you lack the structured approach to progress through your repertoire?

If you’ve answered yes to these questions, then playing fingerstyle is the answer:

  • Fingerstyle is the art of playing multiple layers at the same time. You can play melody, bass, accompaniment, and even percussion at the same time. Yes, this can be done on our little 4-string instrument!

  • Fingerstyle can be used as a substitute for strumming patterns to accompany yourself as a singer

  • Fingerstyle allows you to connect with the intimacy of the ukulele as a solo musician: playing recognizable arrangements of your favorite music is at your fingertips, literally!

  • Fingerstyle forces you to adopt proper technique and posture as well as new exciting ways to coordinate your hands. Let’s face it, it is harder than strumming!

  • Fingerstyle allows you the freedom of playing repertoire you never thought possible: play the classics of Bach, Vivaldi, Scarlatti, Mozart, Beethoven, Chopin, Giuliani, Sor, Tarrega, and more

  • Simply put, fingerstyle is more challenging, rewarding, and to top it all – FUN!

If you’re on this page, chances are you’re already familiar with fingerstyle, and have already seen the positives of it either via your own song projects or while watching arrangements online. So now you want to learn fingerstyle but:

  • Fingerstyle seems difficult compared to strumming chords

  • You can ‘play’ the tab but still sound bad – the music is disconnected, and has no flow

  • Your favorite strumming gurus all have resources on fingerstyle that conflict with each other, or

  • There are way too many tutorials available online with no clear path or direction

  • You lack structured curriculum to follow

  • Private lessons are too expensive

I know exactly how you feel, I too was once a student who had similar challenges. Which is exactly why I set out to make arrangements and tutorials on my YouTube channel so people like you get to experience just how accessible and fun fingerstyle really is on the ukulele. Here is what one (among thousands) of users had to say on my Scarlatti Sonata video

“Thank you so much for sharing these videos. I had been feeling extremely demotivated with music for many months. But because of your videos I have learned more songs in the past few weeks than I have in almost a year. The Ukulele was an instrument I immediately loved. I enjoyed playing it more than any other instrument I had played, but had been largely discouraged from it over the years by various teachers and family members for silly reasons. Your videos inspired me to play again, and to actually enjoy playing again. So thank you for giving music back to me!”

- One Of Many!

Its because of comments like these I’ve set out and created Ukulele Fingerstyle Basics, a complete and structured approach to fingerstyle ukulele that mirrors most royal conservatory programs in North America for Piano, Violin, Voice, and Classical Guitar, except at a fraction of the cost.

So, you might ask what is Ukulele Fingerstyle Basics course?

  • Absolute beginner to intermediate course – Grade 1 to 5

  • Structured curriculum that focuses on repertoire to teach techniques and concepts

  • Costs less than 4 private lessons

  • Taught by a fingerstyle specialist (that’s me!) who for the past 12 years has focused all of his university education (BMus and MMus) on fingerstyle pedagogy

  • Includes over 160 video lectures, over 15 hours, and growing.


Access all 17 modules in a one-time fee membership.

The Essentials

4 modules that teach you the essentials before you play your first note


1 Module designed to get absolute beginners playing right away without being overwhelmed with their new instrument


Learn the art of playing a single line of music and develop correct posture, picking technique, and most importantly, legato


2 modules teaching you how to play arpeggios and multi-voice textures, as well as the art of stacking notes and progressions (chords)


Master the art of Finesse and Virtuosity through special techniques


Step by step walkthrough 40+ songs increasing in difficulty from grade 1 to 5.

Ukulele Fingerstyle Basics is huge! To be honest, creating it wasn’t easy, there were times where I thought of just giving up and resuming private lessons. But I’m glad I didn’t, because after teaching for 12 years, I truly believe in the power of online courses:

  • Online courses are the best investment a student can make. Ukulele Fingerstyle Basics can easily cover your first 1 to 3 years of private lessons at a cost less than 4 private lessons!

  • Online courses enhance private lessons! My current course students have a breeze in their lessons when handling difficult repertoire because they already have the technique, music, and fingerings ready to go. They only need a lesson or two to talk about the ‘higher tier’ stuff. Again, this saves them a lot of money – instead of booking 4-8 lessons per song, they can tackle 2 songs per lesson

  • Online courses are perfect for adult students: pause, rewind, fast forward, jump through lecture, rewatch, slow down, and watch whenever/wherever you want

  • You don’t have to commit a weekly slot to a teacher in a busy life schedule. Learn at your own pace and comfort.

What's Included In Ukulele Fingerstyle Basics?

The ultimate learning experience for adult ukulele students

160+ Value Packed Video Tutorials (15+ Hours)

Enrolment grants you access to all future updates

Modular Learning

Follow along in the order presented to you or jump around to the lessons of most interest.


Access MK Fingerstyle Academy Private Facebook group to receive feedback and encouragement from fellow peers and myself.

190+ Downloads

Download PDF’s of repertoire and exercises in tabs, music notation, and Guitar Pro files

Discounts on Gear/Software

Discounts on partnered brands on instruments, accessories, music sheet, and software

Offline Viewing

Lessons are available online or offline via the Teachable app (iOS only)

What do our 400+ students say?

"it’s one of the most comprehensive courses I have ever come across. The manner in which you articulate all the relevant points are so precise, illustrating your tremendous passion for music. I really look forward to progressing my knowledge and skill in playing in the coming months."



"...I have been self-learning ukulele for about a year now and I wanted something that will take me a step further than playing chords. I can't sing either and I want to be able to play chord-melody pieces that can stand on their own. This course has given me so much more. The legato tips are filled with aha moments and the exercises are helping already.."



"...I’ve watched YouTube videos and other courses that touch upon aspects of what is covered here, however, only Ukulele Fingerstyle Basics manages to take these disparate building blocks and place them into a cohesive modular framework with context to develop your ability and understanding"





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  • 2 Bonus Theory Modules

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  • Download music sheets (PDF, GP)

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