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At the end of each grade course, you have the option of submitting video(s) of required pieces and earn a certificate to graduate the course, below are selected videos from our student submissions alongside their certificates

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What do our 1100+ students say?

"it’s one of the most comprehensive courses I have ever come across. The manner in which you articulate all the relevant points are so precise, illustrating your tremendous passion for music. I really look forward to progressing my knowledge and skill in playing in the coming months."



"...I have been self-learning ukulele for about a year now and I wanted something that will take me a step further than playing chords. I can't sing either and I want to be able to play chord-melody pieces that can stand on their own. This course has given me so much more. The legato tips are filled with aha moments and the exercises are helping already.."



"...I’ve watched YouTube videos and other courses that touch upon aspects of what is covered here, however, only Ukulele Fingerstyle Basics manages to take these disparate building blocks and place them into a cohesive modular framework with context to develop your ability and understanding"



"I am so impressed by this course. And I can see that you really put much work into every part of the course and are interested in the art of learning.."



"...The beauty in all of this is being able to go back and review any of the videos as often as needed as you progress with each piece. Having this course has brought a new level of understanding and joy to playing the "Mighty Uke" for which I am so thankful to Mustafa for! "



"..As a novice ukulele player I watched a lot of videos on YT. Ukulele Fingerstyle Basics is without a doubt the best fingerpicking course I could find. Each lesson is clearly explained. The structure in the course is definitely a plus. I like the choice of music. I enjoy practicing and, thanks to the clear instructions, I notice great progress in playing.."



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